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• Wireless Solutions Increase Employee Productivity

   The new generation of business users wants the flexibility to access    the Internet, information and communication regardless of where    they are … while away from their desks, roaming within the office,    tele-working from home, or traveling on the road.

• Improves Productivity

   According to the Gartner Group, mobile workers add as much as 11    hours of added productivity per week, turning "wasted" time into    "productive" time. External business meetings are more efficient as    employees connect to the office network in conference rooms and    break areas.

• Saves Money

   As businesses add new employees, they may expand the size of    their offices or move to larger ones. Adding a wireless network    saves $150 to $350 per user by not installing Ethernet cabling. In    addition, it lowers costs by allowing business to make additions,    moves and changes in cost-justifiable increments.

• Improves Security
   Wireless networks are as secure as conventional wired ones.    Emerging industry-standard security protocols, like VPN and WPA,    help protect data while in the office or on the road.
   Whether you want to maintain and grow your wired network, or    increase productivity by installing wireless devices, Caldwell    Consultants offers the solutions you need.

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